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If you've been researching various penis enlargement methods for some time, you are no stranger to various gimmicks and marketing techniques used by different companies to attract your attention to their product. With so many claims and hardly any deliveries, whom and what can you really trust? Whether it's online or the best over-the-counter penis pills, it's essential to know what you are buying and how it gives you the results you want.

The easiest way to find out who recommends a particular product is to check out various reputable review websites. When you do, you'll see how many products work for some and doesn't for others. Most companies producing and selling penis pills don't talk about the “fine print.” For example, if you take these pills, you are likely to try it for a month and give up if the results don't show. But, usually, they take between 6-8 weeks to start showing real results. Also, penis pills alone are not immediately effective and can take up to 6 months or more to show results. But, if penis enlargement exercises are combined with the penis pills, the results are quicker and more visible.

One particular herbal constitute considered to be among the best over-the-counter penis pills is Extagen. If you have read about Extagen and its potential effects, you would know it's among the most effective and recommended penis pills available in today's market. There are dozens of other products available, both online and in stores, if you feel the need to explore your options.

Extagen is made up of several herbal extracts and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Each Extagen bottle contains 30 or 180 pills and the label openly displays the ingredients, which are - L-Arginine, Yohimbe Bark Extract (Pausinystalia yohimba), Maca Extract (Lepidium meyenii), Catuaba, Muira Puama , Nettle, American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Zinc (oxide) Gluconate-200% DV. There's some controversy about the Yohimbe extract, because it has been banned in some drugs. But, since the Yohimbe bark extract is harmless and active for penis enlargement purposes and the FDA has given clear approval for both Extagen's pills and the production facility, consumers have nothing to worry about. In fact, Extagen's high recommendation is partly due to the recognition it has received from the FDA.

Extagen also offers the best guarantee available among the various penis enlargement pill products. The 120-day guarantee offered allows a customer to return the pills anytime within 4 months, a guarantee that could leave th Extagen manufacturers bankrupt if their claims were untrue. This is another very valid reason why Extagen is considered to be among the best over-the-counter penis pills available in the current market.


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